November 2nd, 2003

lookin' good

Desperately want to post...

Something, anything...with content...but the juice isn't there. So some mundane details. Quinn is actually napping today...he fell asleep watching Ice Age and cuddling with Daddy. He's so cuddly. prettypammie is working on homework. I've been good househusband today--changed diapers, helped Quinn clean up toys, emptied dishwasher, filled dishwasher, made tea for Pam and lunch for me and Quinn, shopped for various prescription refills and other sundries I forgot the other day like Corn oil for Con, etc. Good Petey. Biscuit. Oh yes, and I helped Pam on homework and studying.

Party at secretguardian's and perkbear's last night was fun--but Pam and I felt a little bit like the Old Married People With Kids--we conked out while the party was still in full swing. Drew's sister, Dawn, was adorable in her angel get up...but the pointy piece of metal sticking through her lower lip just somehow didn't scream "angel." (She claims that it felt like you bit your lip really badly for about half an hour...all I could think was "ow. ow. ow. ow. ow.")

Lessee, non-LJ-Candice was there, as the discreet muslim woman in salwar and burkha, prettypammie was her opposite number, the uncovered belly dancer...made a nice skin/no-skin contrast. Plus there's something fun about offering a woman in a burkha pepperoni...polydad was back from the left coast, apparently to stay...Yay!

There was a wide array of costumes...they may show up on andrew_jp_reyes's pages, or I may post a few here...I'll probably let Pam pick and crop the winners first.

Hugs to all!