September 20th, 2003

lookin' good


Quinn's swimming has taken such leaps and bounds over the last six weeks...he now:

  • jumps in willingly and unaided,

  • swims with flippers continuously and unassisted,

  • swims with nothing at all for about half the pool width, with only an occasional guiding "push-up" an the back of the neck to remind him about coming up for air,

  • enjoys swimming and seems proud of himself for his accomplishments,

  • will even float on his bac with encouragement
So proud of my little boy! And so is Ms. Andrea, his teacher--so much so that he's now graduated--his next class will be Ms. Sharon's class--and mommy and daddy are now relegated to being spectators on the bench.
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lookin' good


Was cleaning out my wallet, and found the receipts for stuff I paid Canadian taxes on. Well, guess what--no refund for me; I forgot to get my receipts stamped when I left the country.

If I can find the hotel bill I can get a refund on the taxes on that.