August 24th, 2003

lookin' good

WorldCon and Quinn and Pam and Java and more Quinn

Item the first--you are all urged to IM, phone, e-mail, harass, harry, and annoy me into getting my shit together for WorldCon...I have much preparing to do, and only three weeknights to do it. Got nothing done this weekend.

Item the second--spent a part of the weekend with Quinn in the water--his regular lesson yesterday, where he has graduated to fins and no flotation devices, and today at the water park, where he practiced his new-found skills at jumping in unassisted and generally playing and having a blast.

As I tell him on a regular basis: QUINN ROCKS!

prettypammie is still cranking on her Java, with some kibitzing and suggestions from me, but largely on her own. I keep telling her "but I don't know JAVA!" She keeps insisting that my ability to find obscure things in books and technical documents quickly, and my general knowledge of O-O programming is helping. So, if I'm helping, then I'll continue to help. Heck, I'm even learning Java as a side-effect, so what the heck.

Item the fourth--Quinn is desperately hanging on to consciousness to get every minute of the Jeff Corwin experience's amusing to watch how hard he is trying to keep his eyes open.
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lookin' good

Skip = 220 on the filter=0 circuit...

It's just too hard to keep up with all of you, though I want to. Skip = 220 takes me as far back as something like noon yesterday. Arrgh!

I learned through dindin's journal that owenthomas inaugural article on was accepted and already Style! Yay Bro! There's a few good techie tips for even the "least gay" reader. I found myself contemplating bluetooth mice and the like. And there are times when prettypamime is watching TV and I'm wanting to crash that a wireless headset for her to listen in would be key.

One of these days, we have to get over to the left coast and check out Owen and Greg's pad in San Francisco.
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