August 2nd, 2003

lookin' good


This post is my most recent reward for another 45 minutes of: pick up item, identify item, place item in correct pile, (File--separate piles of all items that go together in one of my files; Act--one pile for all those things which despite lying in a pile of crap in my basement for weeks or months, I still actually have to do something with them; Destroy--this decision is generally rewarded by a satisfying shredder motor noise).

Thanks for the tunes, valiskeogh.
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lookin' good

That fast shutdown you just saw (if you have me on your IM lists)...

was me doing an emergency power down, unplug, battery removal--to deal with the bubble soap Quinn just dumped on my laptop.

Luckily he just hit the back corner where the fans, heatsink, and vents are--and it looks like he missed the fans. Oh dear...update..he missed one of the fans...anyone know if the fans on an Inspiron 8200 ever operate independently?

Didn't think so.

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