July 28th, 2003

lookin' good

Latest news...

I am sunburned chest, shoulders, and upper back...went solo daddy to the water park yesterday...so while Quinn had someone to watch after him and get him covered head to toe with sunscreen, I had to fend for myself.

Wow...I never posted about Quinn yesterday...He met up with one of his "classmates" from Little Learner Academy, Elizabeth. They had so much fun swimming together. She's a few months older than Quinn, but he has had the advantage of lessons--so they were a pretty good match in terms of confidence and mobility. So, there was his mom and me, beaming at our munchkins laughing and splashing and having a blast together.

Quinn is so much fun to play with, in the water or out--but I've been so stressed and tired lately that I seem to tolerate it in smaller doses unless I'm in some sort of setting like the water park...even there, after about three hours, my fun-meter had pegged but was slipping. His fun-meter's needle was still buried over at the "max fun" reading.

prettypammie spent most of the weekend with our newly adopted horse. Quinn and I spent Saturday afternoon there, after all three of us went to his swimming lesson. Ended the day with a delicious dinner of grillen chicken and vegetables, and sweet corn picked the same day.
lookin' good

Spread the word...

From our practice manager:

We potentially have a need to hire several new software coders within the Battlefield Systems practice area. Below are some qualifications that we are looking at.

  1. 2 to 5 years software coding experience. Comment: This is ideal however we'll look all candidates.

  2. Technical College degree is a minimum requirement

  3. Living or willing to live in the North New Jersey area. Comment: 30 minutes is preferable, I'm really not interested in having lengthy discussions candidates out of state or South Jersey, unless they can pickup and move with several weeks to a month.

  4. C++ is a plus, Real O-O design experience and some quality or process background is also good. Comment: Not interested in web developers

  5. Any Army domain expertise is a plus but not required.
If you are--or know--someone who fits this bill, get me your (or their) resume, ASAP. Spread the word!
lookin' good

Yay friends!

leem0r and angel_blue_eyes came and hung out with us tonight...friends always make the day better!

I forgot to mention that I asked Quinn what his favorite part of the day was as we drove home from the water park.

I expected him to say the pool, or the slide, or the river...nope, this little kid has his head screwed on straight. He thought about it quite a while, and then said, with conviction: "Elizabeth."

Yep...friends always make the day better.
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