June 15th, 2003

lookin' good


#%)(#)(%#)%#%)* allergies....Allegra, benadryl, it's all doing no good...

itchy, exhausted, want to sleep, can't sleep...

okay, in fairness, I haven't given the benadryl enough time to start working yet...
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    fripping PEEPER frogs...I do live in the boonies, you know!
lookin' good

Travel Experts...

SARS or no SARS, i'm starting my travel planning for the family to Toronto for Worldcon...so, LJ friends and family--who's a travel expert? So far the best deal I've found is Continental and United both offering $180 round-trip per person...with an Orbitz service fee that puts us at $540...

Other ideas? Train looks out--that would take all day.

Final update: since it's an Air Canada-operated flight, I went there direct to get a quote...that brings the price down to $509.00, or roughly $170 each.
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lookin' good

With a son like this...

...Father's day is always a pleasure. I'll always remember this year as the "conversation" year...last year Quinn spoke and understood words and phrases--but this is the year of extended, sensible, often spontaneous conversation.

One of his favorite phrases these days is "I have an idea!" usually accompanied by coaxing or dragging one parent or the other off to find out what the latest idea is.

He just saw me vacuuming out the birdseed. It spilled when a little critter discovered it in the closet and gnawed the corner off the bag. He looked excited, so I offered him the hose...not only did he do a more thorough job than I was doing, but he also put all the shoes, boots, and cleaning supplies back in the closet--vacuuming off more discovered bird-seeed as he did so.

* shaking head * definitely his mother's son...and his father's pride.