June 7th, 2003

lookin' good

Happy's life, etc.

In a hotel room, half-way through my open water dives. This post got delayed a few hours while the maintenance crew tried their damnedest to rewire the jack in my room...I was really good and didn't go nuts with frustration, grab their punch tool, and say, "PLEASE just let me do it!"

After all their efforts failed, I called the front desk and got a new room. Yes, I'll change my room for network access. Hey, this hotel has FREE network access...props and a shout out to the management of the Holiday Inn, Gateway Center, Bethlehem, PA.

Anyway, so what else...got the car back from MAACO. All the miscellaneous body work and rust sposts fixed. My antenna goes up and down again. (Well, hell, my antenna exists again...the last straw was it went from bent and non-functional to "it fell off.")

I miss Quinn and prettypammie...and if you thought I was bored last night, my entertainment after diving today has been bad Saturday afternoon TV movies and watching two maintenance guys trying to troubleshoot a broken network drop. I may get bored enough that I actually do my work.

Oh yes..."the White car" as Quinn has always called it is now brown. Pam and the MAACO guy picked out a nice color after they overruled my notion of diagonal rainbow bands striped from the front left fender to the right rear. I will have a car painted that way some day before I die, and I don't care how much ribbing I get for it.
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SCUBA diving must scatter my brain....

I locked my keys in my car outside the hotel room.

USAA to the rescue...again...at least this time I didn't leave the lights on or half-close the door or any such that would drain the battery and leave me out of juice in the morning for my dives.

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lookin' good


Towing company already been here...guy was smart...is like "power locks work?" Instead of the whole jimmy around in the lock mechanism, he got a nice long-armed lever on the unlock button and boom-bang-bing, in we go!
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