June 5th, 2003

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June 2, 2003


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Marguerite Higgins, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Johnny Williams' work force is shrinking, but his mission remains the same: homeland security.

Mr. Williams is leaving his position as executive commissioner of field operations for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, where he managed 30,000 field agents. His new job will be senior director of homeland security for High Performance Technologies Inc.l...]

Tim Keenan, president of HPTI, said he plans to use Mr. Williams' experience with INS and Border Patrol to help the company, which conducts 80 percent of its business with the government, win more mission-support contracts.

"You really have a company that has a lot of technologically focused workers, but not many functional or mission-oriented ones," he said.

Mr. Williams hopes his specialty in intelligence gathering, investigations, field assignments and agent management will help increase the company's sales from $35 million in the past year to $100 million by 2007, which is Mr. Keenan's goal.. (HPTI) in Herndon, where he will lead 75 technical employees.
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