April 17th, 2003

lookin' good

Found a way...

To turn insecure access to LiveJournal into secure access...

www.anonymizer.com lets you purchase a service that proxies your connection securely to an insecure site...This only defeats local IDS and web-caches that would otherwise intercept passwords and contents...the data path from Anonymizer's proxy to your final destination would still be unencrypted.

Anonymizer also does some other cool optional things--hides the title of web pages, keeps things from being cached, replacing cookies with encrypted cookies (the cookies on you system become keys to decrypt the real cookie stored at Anonymizer, which is then sent on to the destination.

Not perfect...everyone go to the suggestion site and ask LiveJournal to enable SSL, at least for paid accounts. (Issue: would have to change LJ clients to support SSL, too...oh, and I don't think the anonymizer trick works for clients.
lookin' good

Thanks everyone!

Update on my sneaking home post...we got hung up on the ground at Newark (traffic jam of airplanes getting to gates because they were using their backup runway due to high winds instead of the normal two runways), which put me smack-dab in rush-hour traffic...so, prettypammie still had to get Quinn...but I got home minutes before she did, and I was still at the door getting stuff in when she got home.

I told her to look in my inbox to get my (unaltered) itinerary...but she saw the e-mail from our corproate travel agent first and opened that...it was the one I forgot to delete that had the schedules for earlier stand-by flights...so much for the surprise. (I DID tell her to open the one from "resmail," but she must have figured the one from Nancy was an update or something...which it was...

Anyway, she told me that Quinn let out this small, surprised "daddy....." on seeing me as they drove in...he and she and I were all so happy to see each other again.