March 2nd, 2003

lookin' good

My flight on "HPTi Air"

Is detailed here 2003-01-10- happypete- safe and sound.... That's when I met company pilot Greg Jackson.

It's been publicly released now ( - News - Three People Die In Leesburg Plane Crash)...all three people aboard died. Greg and Don were dead at the scene. Bronson "Ford" Byrd died yesterday at the hospital.

I imagine that we'll gather at our corporate office up here tomorrow to talk--waiting for the phone call from our boss.
lookin' good

Welcome puzzledance...

One could say that it's all her fault..Yvonne introduced me and prettypammie over seven years ago. Actually, it's all Debbie's fault, because I met Yvonne through Debbie. But Debbie doesn't have a LiveJournal...yet. (Cue Borg Theme music).