January 12th, 2003

lookin' good

The Bartered Bride and a new friend

prettypammie and I went to see my Aunt & Uncle's translation last night, in its premiere performance by The Bronx Opera. It was definitely more amusing for me in English, although I bet I would have gotten most of it in its original language, Czech. Apparently this newly commissioned translation is the first time The Bartered Bride has been translated to English from Czech. All other prior translations to English were done from a German translation of the original. How silly.

Singing a stutter convincingly looked very hard...but in some way, fun.

Anyway, Marenka (I don't know how to accent characters in UNICODE or HTML...sorry), was a very strong performer, as were they all.

Oh, in other news, hello to Airelle fuzcat) and Hilary (padawanhilary), and probably others...time to run the list again. Are we having fun yet?

See several of you--I wish I could see all of you at Arisia next week.

* hugs *
lookin' good

For Friends in NYC and surrounding...

The Bronx Opera has three more performances of The Bartered Bride; today @ 2, next Saturday @ 8, and next Sunday @ 2. This is a great show even for non-opera lovers--tickets range from $12 each at the lowest for students & seniors to $30 for the best seats. Yes, this is part familial pride in my Aunt and Uncle's translation, but also I just thought it was a really good show.

Go, spread the word, or let me know any good NYC LJ communities, etc., I could/should post about the show.

* hugs *
lookin' good

Train or car...

So here's the thing. It's about a 4.5 hour drive and a 4.5 hour train ride (not counting time to, from, and in stations at each end).

I'm sure we could get a pick-up at the other end.

We might be able to get a drop-off at this end.

But the tickets for the 3 of us are $350. If you believe some environmental activist publications, the actual cost of driving a car including so-called "societal" costs, is nearly $1.00 per mile. I don't have a societal cost figure for being three passengers on a train, per mile, but I'm guessing it's lower than the $0.32 per mile cited by the study I read.

So, cost for train: $350 + $58.62 ($0.97 per mile for 30 miles to and from train station) + $45 (guesstimate for 3 day's parking) = $453.62

Claimed total cost of driving: 504.2 round trip @ $0.977 = $492.60

Talk about your toss-ups...especially considering that if I erase the $0.322 "societal" cost, it's a no-brainer, and some of the specific driver direct costs they cite don't apply to me. (Not sure if there's any they don't cite, that do...doubt it).

No matter how you slice it, though, our direct right now out-of-pocket costs are like $40 or $50 of gas (+/-) vs. $350. Sigh.

If it were just me going, this would also be a no-brainer.

Okay, if this is a no-brainer, and I'm just being dumb about how I'm thinking about it, hit that comment link and enlighten me.

Oh yeah, context: it's finally time for Arisia again! Yay!