December 25th, 2002

lookin' good

and they say they don't "convert"

According to my brother's pronouncement to Quinn a moment ago:

The International Association of Gay Uncles requires that I teach you to dance to Madonna right now. [aside to us] That went right over his head, didn't it?
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lookin' good

Really nice visit...

...with my high school sweetheart, christilyn...okay, she's a sweetheart, and we went to high school together, but other than that, it's all just my fantasies...

Anyway, her dad is the former Fire Chief for Fairfax County. (You may have heard of them--they have some amazing elite urban search and rescue and other specialized units that tend to get mobilized world-wide when Stuff Happens). Chief Gaines is an amazing man with an amazing story. For one thing, he went all the way up the ranks from start to finish as a firefighter--from firefighter to chief...Anyway, He shomed Quinn his firefighter hats, and Quinn loved them, as well as all the firetrucks.

Side note: Christy: please tell your mom that he did manage to break a small piece off one of them there in the family room, I couldn't figure out where it went, and it will probably need to be glued. I'm really sorry about that! The piece is on the shelf next to the looks like a bell?

Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I saw The Rock in person, also the scars from her spinal fusion. Christy, like another high school friend, Toni, has remained my friend, despite all my past transgressions. (Including, in Christy's case, attempting to paw on her drunkenly while in the throes of my divorce...she had to kick me out; in Toni's case, I called her (drunkenly) at midnight from a mutual friend's dorm room at CalTech...only problem? Toni was at JMU in the eastern time zone at the time.

Anyway, I think they're both glad that I don't get drunk anymore! * grin *
lookin' good


Well, it's official (but not unanticipated)...noone was willing to thwart prettypammie's will and risk her wrath.

No X-Box for me.

But I did get some nice books, and I bought myself a copy of The Sims Online...close enough to an X-Box that I proved that I'm willing to risk at least a little of Pam's wrath.

* grin *