December 2nd, 2002

lookin' good


Who's going?

Happy, Pam, and Quinn will be! Well, Quinn might spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa! Woo-hoo! Local babysitting options ROCK!
lookin' good

Quinn on a leash...

Well, Quinn has discovered being two, and it was quite evident at Darkover...

We constructed him a leash (bowline on a bight) long as it was used in his opinion, to keep mommy and daddy attached to him, he thought it was cool.

When used to reinforce this way or that way, the cool factor wore off.

Other observations: bought one sparkly thing, a necklace, a couple of books; Pam is getting a little something for the holiday party--but we don't have it yet. Quinn got a little baby dragon...cute fabric and adorable hooded, hand-painted marbles for eyes...I want to take him to my mom's and show her. She likes cool hand-made sewing projects, not just clothes.

Other than that, I saw some old friends, made some new friends, missed all the panels (my new job is baby-sitter for aspiring writer who goes to panels...and even Pam didn't make it to many panels this time around).

There was some drama and disaster. I might post about it later privately.

There was also some joy and laughter. I'll probably process that and post something, too.

Hopefully we got some pictures of Quinn on his leash; there will be a darkover set of pictures eventually.

I guess we're getting jaded...unlike Arisia, where we spent the whole con chasing after Quinn with a camera, we took only a few pictures this time around.