November 13th, 2002

lookin' good

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Poll #75293 Anyone there?

Is anybody still reading this?

Yes, of course.
Yes, but you don't actually expect me to comment on it, do you?
No, I mean, not much...I just saw you had a poll up, for once.
Huh? Were you talking?
lookin' good

Okay, what sort of IDIOT does things like this...

#IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_T2 is a lovely little macro (undocumented) that appears to allow you to use template classes with Microsoft Foundation Class CObject-derived classes...

Unfortunately, it references another (undocumented) macro, IMPLEMENT_RUNTIME_CLASS_T2's....header....files....

Oh, for a giggle, read the response that one of my coworkers got to his online resume
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