September 1st, 2002

lookin' good

con/festival envy

I know that because of our logistical and financial situation it's the best decision, but I'm so wanting to be with my friends at WorldCon and Dragon*Con and Stones Rising. Of course, even if I could, I could only be at ONE of the above regardless. Labor Day has gotten SO overbooked for me.


lookin' good

* phew *

$600+ check for dependent care spending account reimbursement arrived today...
that should take care of most of the "bounceage."
lookin' good

Quinn is so cute...

He loves to vacuum..

He just came up to me with the sweeper attachment on and made the "please remove the offending attachment so I can suck up loose cheerios" face
lookin' good

Quinn's evening ritual

dinner (generally circa 6:30 - 7)
change diaper and into pajamas
brush teeth
take vitamin
read stories
kisses and hugs
"night-nights" to all and sundry
bed and lights out (as early as 8 sometimes as late as 9)