July 6th, 2002

lookin' good

a redacted conversation

* Why am I working on Satyrday night? *

there's no other time
I wish I could party...
but I can't

Pam [is] at Convergence
Baby is asleep
friends/classmates/coworkers (two who are all of the above, that is) have given up for the day on working and studying
and I am awake, sleepy, and lonely
oh, and my breeze apparatus for my CPAP--the one I can actually sleep with--broke this morning
I must have rolled on it wrong

* Bummer. So if you can't sleep you might as well work? *

I meant to call the home health agency and see if they could rush a replacement
but today was so busy being single daddy to a sick baby, plus working, plus studying, that I never got my Round Tuit
and if you can't tell, I'm feeling a little self pitying right now.