June 24th, 2002

lookin' good

wow...8 pounds down!

It's amazing...this system works, and it works well.

I was even able to eat out with the family this weekend...I had banked up 7 "points," and ate moderately early in the day. When dinner time came, I had a hard time guesstimating my points, but I figured conservatively that I was safe saying "all my points for the day and all my banked points." That was like four times what I normally would have for dinner...and I didn't pick anything fried.

Okay, the garlic butter sauce may have been "over the top," but I tried to leave that behind. And anyway, I learned in my meeting tonight that seafood--which this was, scallops, shrimp, and oysters--is the most "forgiving food" when it come to mild over-indulging.

Anyway, bottom line--I earned my 1st 5 pounds bookmark, and a round of applause. I'm such a sucker for praise.

I got MOSTLY good-natured ribbing about bringing my son's dinner to the meeting...it was spaghetti and meatballs, and smelled (unfortunately) REALLY good.

I think some people in the room were looking at me like the guy who brings a fifth of scotch in to his AA meeting. "Sure...it's for the baby."

Anyway, everyone help me celebrate my first 5 pounds--and I'm well on my way to my first 10%.

The studies say men often have really fast initial weight loss results like this and then match pace with women, statistically--so don't be too jealous, ladies...I'll probably be at a more moderate pace shortly. For now, I'm enjoying this initial success, and the realization that I can do this with just a little attention to what--and what kinds of--food and drink I put in my mouth, and an incremental increase in physical activity.