June 22nd, 2002

lookin' good

baby sick...

Quinn was agitating all day "Water Park Water Park." So the Bear met us at our place and we headed out after getting back from the funeral service and internment.

Quinn splashed around, rode the slide with daddy (an "eek" followed by laughter). Rode the lazy river a few times with the gang. Somewhere in there prettypammie and I got our laps in. (I'm supposed to do at least 20 minutes of something resembling exercise each day as part of the WW plan).

Then, suddenly Quinn crashed on us--tired and wanting to be held. Pam recognized the signs of sick baby. Sure enough, we got home and the mommy-ometer was right...nearly a 102 degree fever.

Tylenol on board and trying to figure out dinner plans. (We were planning to go out to eat, but maybe not with a sick, sleepy baby).