May 29th, 2002

lookin' good

It's Quinn's BIRTHDAY today!!! He's TWO!

We'll see some of you on Saturday...I wish it could be more. If your plans changed and you can join us after all, contact me for your invite (or read back a bajillion journal entries until you find this link). Oh, wait...I guess you could just follow that link, since I already did all that scrolling for you.
lookin' good

everyone always tries to rush me...or is that me rushing everybody else?

Hmm. It appears you are "Undercooked Macaroni and Cheese".
Sometimes, people aren't that bright, or in too much of a
hurry, and think that 4 minutes is ample time to boil
you... but unless they like it hard (and some of us do!)
you are usually pretty nasty and get thrown away.
Sometimes, the best of us just go bad...

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