April 10th, 2002

lookin' good

Good Man Points

(a) took care of the baby all day; no injuries; one bath; fever managed; relatively clean and ready to be snuggled when mommy got home

(b) main level cleaned up, no substantial messes added anywhere

(c) laundry cycled (more than once!) and "ugh"ed upstairs; remembered to fold Pam's work pants that have to get ironed if they don't get folded right out of the dryer

(d) dinner cooking when she got home--included meat, carbs, and green vegetable

(e) candles and incense lit throughout the great room

Okay, before I get anyone offering me Husband of the Year awards, today is NOT typical--but Pam's been dealing with so much with me taking two classes, sleep disorder and insomnia, work, etc., I thought she was due, plus interest!