Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Phenomenal day...

Quinn went to swimming--Pam reports he did great.

Got Quinn ('nother Quinn) from the train station...we spent all day reducing the chaos in the basement into filed items, trash, to-do's, and a crate of files to take to work.

Quinn (the younger) took a long nap. prettypammie got some down-time and some homework time.

Pizza for lunch. Quinn (the goddess of organizing and ADD coaching, not the toddler) and I have such a blast together doing this. We sing silly songs, speak in bizarre accents all day, (Russian, yiddish, brogue, English, it goes on and on), and generally make it fun. I have to find a way to sustain it without her physically being here--doing this stuff by myself is no fun, and doing it with Pam makes her crazyier.

Decided since I do everything on the laptop, we are going to "retire" my old desktop from my desk and set it up in Quinn's room...we took apart the crib ("because you're getting to be a big boy.") to make more room. The Davisis gave Quinn a wonderful little writing desk and chair, too. Quinn was happy.

Quinn ('nother Quinn) left me with homework:

  • Process medical receipts

  • To do (need to prioritize first)

  • Go through magazines.

  • Move computer into Quinn's room

  • Hook up laptop and card scanner at downstairs desk

  • Purchase new chair

  • Purchase new "in boxes"--they need to be colorful and fun
So, there you have it. Another day in my paradise.

Happiness is months of disorganized and overwhelming papers dealt with.

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