Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas


Crazy weekend planned...I'll cope. To-do list includes:
  • Swimming lesson

  • Chuck E. Cheese's with new (horse-loving, which makes prettypammie) friend and family--bonus, I found extra tokens from our last trip

  • Saturday night, TBD...probably down-time

  • Sunday, Pam will go ride Street Con and get some barn time in; I will probably blow and/or suck and shred leaves to kingdom come.

  • There's two draft statements of work I need to write

  • Our project is (again) Officially Behind Schedule, and I should go in and work on it on Sunday to try to break the log-jam

  • There are other things I'd like to do that Cannot Be Spoken Of In LiveJournalTM. These things may be put off a few more days.
Oh, and about the "keep updating the journal" post...I think the vote count is approximately 30 in favor of me posting when I can, 1 abstention, and 1 vote for "Giraffe." I guess I can read the writing in the comments. I'm with you for the duration, gang.

  • Farewell

    photognome died of heart failure yesterday. I don't have words right now.

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