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WorldCon and Quinn and Pam and Java and more Quinn

Item the first--you are all urged to IM, phone, e-mail, harass, harry, and annoy me into getting my shit together for WorldCon...I have much preparing to do, and only three weeknights to do it. Got nothing done this weekend.

Item the second--spent a part of the weekend with Quinn in the water--his regular lesson yesterday, where he has graduated to fins and no flotation devices, and today at the water park, where he practiced his new-found skills at jumping in unassisted and generally playing and having a blast.

As I tell him on a regular basis: QUINN ROCKS!

prettypammie is still cranking on her Java, with some kibitzing and suggestions from me, but largely on her own. I keep telling her "but I don't know JAVA!" She keeps insisting that my ability to find obscure things in books and technical documents quickly, and my general knowledge of O-O programming is helping. So, if I'm helping, then I'll continue to help. Heck, I'm even learning Java as a side-effect, so what the heck.

Item the fourth--Quinn is desperately hanging on to consciousness to get every minute of the Jeff Corwin experience's amusing to watch how hard he is trying to keep his eyes open.

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    photognome died of heart failure yesterday. I don't have words right now.

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