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Party update...

Well, salliesandbags did an amazing job of getting me to make decisions (eek), procuring supplies, preparing food. And then RIGHT before the party kicked off she got called away to do her crisis volunteer work. angel_blue_eyes may be having her appendix out, for all I know [update: it was some other bug, it turns out, but was bad enough that she was at the E.R. on Saturday getting checked out]--which means that leem0r and non-LJ Kinsey is with her. phoenix_glow and cz_unit and family were still recovering from their Vegas trip and the various ills following. yestthattom and queitchris & co. couldn't make it either..we really missed you. Non-LJ Wendy and Dave apparently made it as far as the house--late--but assumed that they were too late because everyone else had left. flyingwolf had a hellacious week and missed the party--but bless her, she came on Sunday to hang out and help clean up!

Okay, enough of those who COULDN'T make it. Candice arrived Friday evening after work and got to hang out with us as we prepared , Paul and Victor arrived with Anne and Angela--Angela, 7, monopolized Quinn for the rest of the evening...after I took out Stipple for them to play with... (Stipple is the Boa seen in one of prettypammie's userpics); andrew_jp_reyes & perkbear brought nummy Cuban (I think?) goodies--one, a glazed meat pie cross between dessert and dinner, was really unusual but yummy, neighbors non-LJ Jamie and Dave, Dan G. and Joel. Of course, it rained--so a bunch of us in our swimsuits (or borrowed [tight! yum!] sweatpants) ran around outside with inflatable pool toys and beach balls for a while. MUCH delicious food including the "Watermelon Swimming Pool of Fruity Goodness a la salliesandbags," chiken and beef vegetable shish-kebab fajitas, and hot dogs and burgers, of course...and delicious grilled, steamed-in-the husk ears of corn.

We talked of many things--Candice put together a party mix from my CD's, so I was happy to hear B-52's, Tasmin Archer, oh, bunches of others...I don't play my own music enough. I forget how much I like it.

Eventually I had to take Dan back to the train, but the "die-hards" playing Phase 10 with me kept the game going--that's a cool game. I think that I had so much fun with that that perhaps I'll institute a Games Night a la voltbang and chelona--but I think not weekly...or maybe weekly, but when prettypammie who would probably have a people overdose, is in class.

Oh there was food and drink galore--enough for two parties--which is why I sent home Victor with a complete car-full of goodies for next week when he came to pick up Anne and Angela from what turned out to be Quinn's first "slumber party." After Angela left, Quinn FINALLY collapsed from almost a constant day and a half of playing and napped for a long time.

It was great to see everyone...let's do it again!

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