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Just concluded a long evening...

Which included:

  • seeing Pam off on the train...pouty face...but Quinn is swinging out of his "only daddy" phase, so Mommy got a hug and a kiss before departing--and he told me that "mommy miss me. i want her come back home." on the car ride home. He's such a sweet, sensitive boy--when he's not being a wild child.

  • got slightly lost on the way back from Penn Station (there are some unidirectional arcs in the graph)--panicked realizing that I didn't have any phone numbers of my Newark/Jersey City/around there friends handy (folks like one_skirt--she who never posts, and andrew_jp_reyes, who often posts). Ending up making a HUGE loop on various highways that ended up dumping me out on McCarter Highway--heading back TOWARDS Penn Station. Surrendered. Got gas. Asked for directions. Yep...keep going back towards Penn Station, take the badly signed road to the left, AVOID getting on the highway going the wrong direction, instead, enter the highway in the homeward direction. Got it. Thank you. Nice road signs, Jersey.

  • Got home, let Quinn play Clever Island, as promised. Much fun. We read Little Red Caboose online, Quinn clicking the next page button; we also played the Fish Orchestra game and a couple of others. Then it was time for wind-down with Animal Planet, brush teeth, collapse. Failed to administer Benadryl--hopefully this will not be a bad thing in the morning.

  • Talked on IM with Deedra of triadj...she sounded okay, as is Amy--but there is still drama and trauma going on there. Just as I was talking to her,

  • prettypammie logged on, so I got to share a phone hug with her and confirm that she was home safe at my parents' after her trip, then...

  • debkitty called...we've been playing phone tag, so our voicemails are well acquainted. Nice to catch up with her--sounds like things with her fellow are pretty good and she's keeping in touch with fen she met @ LunaCon. Like happypete. Yay! Then....

  • salliesandbags called, so I made my excuses with Deb eventually and called her back. Had a wonderful, fairly far-ranging, and cogent and coherent conversation--especially considering that we both had very intensely busy weekends.

All in all, except for the ending the day in a house inhabited by only me, an unconscious little boy, and a restless serpent (perhaps he's shedding?), pretty much an extrovert's dream evening.

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