Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

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Crazy day..

Went to a bar with coworkers after work, including prettypammie. Quinn was not in a mood to party with the gang, though, so I took him home and we played a little Shrek: Swamp Fun (with Phonics). Today I also got to talk to flyingwolf and christilyn on the phone...They're both busy--Christy especially...She's selling her house, poor thing.

Quinn is watching Lilo & Stitch...

I'm flopped with the laptop behind him on the couch...and yay prettypammie just got home--I had left her at the bar with the boys.

  • Blending in

    When W gets back to us from Tennessee, this young pup will be joining us, becoming a Livestock Guardian Dog for the chickens.

  • Peeking out

    We're looking forward to meeting her, too.

  • New contact picture

    I think Pam's not trained to react to the back side of a phone the same way one responds to a camera.

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