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Rainy day "blues?"

Naw...takes more than constant rain to keep me and my boy down. We:
  • went to his swimming lesson. substitute teacher today, young Maria--not very assertive, but there were only three kids in class--Ian, who's an expert at smimming with fins and no bubble, Quinn, who's confidence level is growing in leaps and bounds, and Skyler, the little two<quinn>-3.4''j;'o</quinn>-year-old neophyte who just had her tubes in a week-and-a-half ago, and just got a new baby brother this week.

  • downpour started on the way home; slackened off long enougt to get inside, luckily...poor guy at the gas station was getting drenched, though

  • got home, got Quinn's playhouse out

  • talked to sweet-lady flyingwolf a little, first by phone and then by AIM

  • lit a fire

  • Quinn helped me cut, place, and cook flag cookies

  • he's getting tired of me typing this now that the cookies cooling off timer has beeped--talk to you later friends!

  • oh, yeah, and we missed prettypammie who is off with our friend Marge checking out horses...just us boys in the rained-out house today

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