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Wonderful day - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
June 14th, 2003
09:52 pm


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Wonderful day
Let's see:

  1. Swimming lesson: Quinn swam with no bubble, just fins...and it was more like swimming than "sinking in a forward direction;" he also talked to Ms. Andrea, floated on his back, ran on the mat and jumped in and swam back to the wall.

  2. Went shopping for a replacement bracket to get our bird-feeder our of easy reach of squirrels and other stuff.

  3. Put the new bracket up.

  4. Visited neighbors with Quinn on tricycle.

  5. Went to a movie with prettypammie and Quinn (Finding Nemo) and took home dinner

  6. Played Shrek in the Swamp

  7. Got Quinn to bed

  8. Talked to friends online

  9. Wrote this entry

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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Date:June 14th, 2003 07:49 pm (UTC)
So, dish up: how was Finding Nemo?
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Date:June 14th, 2003 08:55 pm (UTC)

It was...

...actually quite good; got a few seriously good laughs out of me...

was a little scary for the 3 yo, though...he spent a good chuck of the movie telling us that he wanted to go home...
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Date:June 15th, 2003 08:12 am (UTC)
I bet Quinn was exhausted, too! Sounds like both you boys had quite the day!
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Date:June 15th, 2003 08:32 am (UTC)

He didn't put up much of a fight...

...at bed-time, that's for sure.
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Date:June 15th, 2003 08:36 am (UTC)
Sounds like a busy day! I liked finding nemo as well...oh that dorie is too funny...
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Date:June 15th, 2003 09:14 am (UTC)

Pam and I...

Were just loving Dory...short-term memory loss makes for great one-liners!

And the Fishaholics Anonymous Sharks were too funny..."Fish are friends...not food."

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