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home! - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
May 19th, 2003
01:18 am


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whoo...what a trip...accidents, traffic, general slowness...

Quinn and I are home safe. Tired, but safe.

I think Quinn is wound up and not quite ready to go right back to sleep...and I guess neither am I, even though I'm tired. Way too much caffeine to stay alert and awake on the drive is probably at fault for me. Don't know what Quinn's excuse is.

Missing prettypammie already.

Got to see flyingwolf on the way home...she had a medium frustrating day, it seems--rain and vending at an outdoor event don't mix too well. * sigh * Helped her get her merchandise in from the car--much of it needed to be hung up to get dried...I guess mildewed tie-dye probably wouldn't sell too well.

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