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thanks again... - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life — LiveJournal [My Flickr Photos]
May 7th, 2003
10:04 pm


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thanks again...
for checking in everyone...

no time or energy for the post you all deserve...

no time for me to contemplate and really get my thoughts together..

low-light from the day: when someone from the customer community--someone I generally admire and respect--suggested that we take everything we've built over the last year, throw it out, and start over.

my pride went into system shock...my mercenary consultant side was like "fine, just keep paying us to build the same thing over and over again...but the bill will keep going up each time."

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Date:May 8th, 2003 04:56 am (UTC)
Sounds like a time. *sigh*

*big gentle hug*

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Date:May 8th, 2003 09:56 am (UTC)


* hugs back *
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Date:May 8th, 2003 05:12 am (UTC)
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Date:May 8th, 2003 06:55 am (UTC)


oh well...
Date:May 9th, 2003 12:01 am (UTC)
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Date:May 9th, 2003 07:45 am (UTC)

Well hey there!

We're off Berkshire Valley, technically in the corner of Roxbury--but we get our mail from Wharton..(It's Jersey..you know how it is).
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