Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas


Quinn really knows how to make a daddy melt...first off, he now says things like "I mised you very much," and "I love you, Daddy." Okay, that, by itself is enough to melt daddy's into a big pile of mush...but on top of that, watching him process the news that I had to go back to Huntsville, it was obvious that:

  1. he understood exactly what we meant,

  2. he thought it was a particularly poor idea

Steps he went through included:

  • denial ("I don't want you to go."),

  • anger (no hug for daddy),

  • bargaining (he suggested that instead of me going on an airplane to go to Alabama to work on projects we go outside to play on the slide),

  • grief (still no hug for daddy. insisting that I should "put my bag back down," and finally

  • acceptance (asking mommy to open the door so he could come out on the deck and give me a hug, after all).

* melt *

Someone remind me to write my post-Jersey Devil Con report...including the write-up of Quinn dancing every bit as well as the Goths...them in their black jeans and no tops; him in his red-footy-sleeper. I got pictures, although they don't really do the scene justice.

  • Farewell

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