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Nigh-perfect weekend...

The weather was awesome. I spent the bulk of it:

  • Playing with Quinn in his room, in the house, on the deck, on his playset, etc. Highlights included swinging on our bellies on the swings and tossing, rolling, and carrying the Big Blue Ball (I'll take a picture at some point) up and down the playset.

  • Walking in the woods with Quinn, playing in the dirt, looking at birds, picking up rocks and sticks.

  • Chatting with neighbors Bill and Karen, Jamie and Dave, and Bill and Karen's children, Selena and Ryan. At one point, one of those wish-I-had-my-Kodak-moments, Selena and Ryan and Quinn strolled off down the middle of the road to go play on their (much larger) play-set. That was the last I saw of Quinn for much of Saturday afternoon.

  • Having friends Marge and Greg over for dinner. Inaugural firing of the grill for the season...delicious steaks and other eats courtesy of prettypammie giving me a treat and making a rare trip on her own to the grocery store. (List making is usually hers, actually hunting and gathering in the aisles of Shop Rite is usually mine).

  • Laundry. Cleaning house, etc. Yep, got to do it.

  • Chatting with new online acquaintances (Hi Phil, hi Joy! Hope we get to meet you next weekend) and friends old (dating back to Elementary School, in one case) and new (dating back to my trips to Huntsville this month and last).

  • Spending quality time with prettypammie.

  • and, of course, reading and responding to LiveJournal posts of interest.

What I didn't do, yet:

  • Go through the disturbingly large pile of undealt-with papers and bric-a-brac and old mail downstairs. Time to do another FSA and DCSA reimbursement filing, among other things. Oh well, I'll get there. Maybe after Quinn goes to sleep.


  • Farewell

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