Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Updates on Quinn...

Sorry I haven't been updating much on "The Mighty Quinn." He is almost three. Wow! Quinn told me "I love you, too" the other day. prettypammie watched me melt into a little puddle of melted-daddy...

His other latest love is "'amily cuddles." This consists of Pam and me snuggle-hugging sitting on the floor and then Quinn climbing in between the two of us. The ideal 'amily cuddle has everyone's faces all smushed up together in a big knot of cuddliness.

We are working on eliminating the "whiny voice," and starting to whittle away on thumb-sucking...the latter for more immediate health reasons than the infamous tooth problems. Quinn sucked his thumb so much that he irritated his thumb until the entire base of it was raw and unhappy.

Okay, I'm going to grab another 20 minute cat-nap and join John and Pam for more coding.

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