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So disappointing...

I'm lousy at lying. Just ask any friend or lover. I can count on one hand the really good (is that the right word?) lies that I've managed to pull off successfully.

This is actually a handicap for me...I mean, when I know something and someone asks me about it, and I have to dance around and dither between claiming complete ignorance, asserting the opposite of what I know to be true, etc. I'm basically screwed.

So today, I had someone...hook, line, and sinker. Finally my friend stopped me and said...wait, wait, wait...April Fools, right?

The only problem...the unlikely story I was telling was the Actual Truth...I just had the misfortune to be telling it on the first of April.

Sigh. So when I'm SUPPOSED to make up outrageous stories and fool people, I forget all about what day it is and end up talking about outrageous truths.


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